Super 8mm

For about 2 and a half years, I would often throw a Canon 514XL in my bag wherever I went.  This collection of films is meaningful to me, in that it was essentially a film journal from my last year living in the Bay Area of California, before I moved to New York in 2009.  At the time, I was watching a lot of Stan Brakhage, Marie Menken and Ken Jacobs films that inspired me to use film, though I preferred to use it the way I would a notebook - scribbled out lines, ragged edges, and phrases out of context rather than short stories.  I did my best to arrange this in chronological order, though some reels were edited by hand and sequenced collage-style.  I still have many, many reels that remain undeveloped that I hope someday to archive.

Analog Glitch Video

(GeV) is a project between myself and longtime collaborator Nicholas Hogeboom, wherein we use analog video and audio respectively to create conceptual pieces the are released as small vignettes via Instagram.  

Music Videos
Super 8mm film edited by hand, and digitally, 2016 by KJS.
Music by MNOP.

Super 8mm.  Filmed & hand-edited 2008 by KJS.

Super 8mm.  Filmed in 2008, edited digitally 2018.