Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Night Zoo vs. The Cast Iron Mummy

     It's been over a year since Night Zoo put our Sports Injuries Of The Space Age EP into the world, and it's time to unveil some more music.  Whereas "Sports Injuries..." was raw and thrown together essentially for the purpose of punching our way into the public consciousness, our newest offering, Night Zoo vs. The Cast Iron Mummy displays a deeper spectrum of nuance and intent.  Many of these songs have been played live for as long as we've been haunting stages, and it's no accident that we've been waiting for the right moment to commit them to recording.  The perfect storm had to brew for us to capture them properly.  We've rehearsed them considerably and aired them out in our live sets, but to go through the motions of recording for the sake of a timely product would have been a vulgar disservice to the material presented here.  We feel strongly that this music has reached its final form, and that even though it was recorded 100% DIY on a zero dollar budget, it could not have been done better (by us, at least).

     Since our last EP, we've acquired a new victim to play bass - Charles Aceto.  He's a seasoned vet at playing and accompanying surf, metal, rockabilly etc.  Basically, a perfect fit for us.  We played two shows with him at the beginning of the year, before shit hit the fan on a global scale.  But - those shows felt phenomenal, and we look forward to what comes next.  We hope to see you again soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2020

MNOP - "Illuminated Body" EP now available for Pre-order

What a friggin' treat!  MNOP's newest record is coming May 1st, and we couldn't be more delighted. For one, it's a pretty blistering run-through of some of our recent crowd-favories.  These recordings are honest - very little studio indulgences were had, and what we did embellish was (at least we think) quite tasteful.  Secondly, Joe friggin' Cosmo Cogen on the drums!  Our newest family member, on display here proudly.  He's a peach, and this is his recorded debut with MNOP.

Finally, we're really happy to send this one off into the world.  After having played this material out in the last 2 years, we hit a stride here and are stoked with how accurately this recording captures this band.  Phil Duke (Duke Sound, Continental Recording Company) was at the board for this one, engineering and recording this session in our home-turf stomping grounds of Bushwick, Brooklyn.  He's a class act, and we can't recommend him enough.  Mastering was done by Nick Hogeboom, who has seen MNOP perform many times over 5 years and was genuinely enthusiastic to offer his abilities to the project - his thorough familiarity with the band lent itself perfectly to putting the chef's kiss on "Illuminated Body."

Listen, enjoy, download etc 

Monday, March 16, 2020

Night Zoo - "Beach Bully" live EP

This little Beach Bully is sure to tickle you, whether you like it or not!