Thursday, February 4, 2021

Bandcamp Friday - Feb 5th 2021

Three releases from me today:

First up - “Flat Sun”, by Flat Sun.  NEW BAND ALERT!  Pete Sombor and I cranked this out in 3 days, simply because we have a lot of fun working together, but also because we just couldn’t resist writing a song about current events.

Next on the menu - “Blackout” by MNOP.  As we’ve been chipping away at fresh material during the pandemic, we decided that putting out these new songs as singles over time would be more interesting than saving them up for a full album.  This is the first in a series of DIY recording experiments.  More to come soon!

Lastly - “Non Compliance” by Auntie Depressant.  Since we recently recovered the master files for these 14-year-old recording sessions, we figured the best course of action would to be to re-mix them from the ground up and feature new vocals from MNOP’s Amelia Hazen, who matched the tone and energy flawlessly.  It’s a 3 track EP that is itself part of a trilogy of releases called “Something Worse.”  There is a limited cassette release as well, with incredible artwork by Katelynn Mills.  Snap ‘em up!